title type instruments year  additional info
'Böses im Wasser' movie: Blues popular violin, piano 2009 short movie made in Vienna (also arranged for cl-pf)
'Böses im Wasser': Dreams without borders popular voice, piano 2009  
'Böses im Wasser': Truth popular voice, piano 2009  
Broken Wings popular voice, piano 2015  
Cascade (text: Nora Eileen van der Wateren) modern classical mezzo soprano, piano 1993  award winning piece
Confusion modern classical flute, piano 2010 Written for Karolina Ogrodowska (also arranged for fl-cl-vl-vcl-gt)
Dream Date popular voice, piano 2015  
Endless classical violin, viola 1995  

La rose et le papillon

modern classical flute, piano 2003 award winning piece 
Little bit of tango modern classical violin, piano 2008  
O, Du arme Welt classical mezzo soprano, piano 1992 performed in Holland and Russia 
Rumi poems modern classical voice, pipa 2007  set of 5 songs for a theatre play in Singapore (can be played on guitar)
Shattered Glass modern classical piano 4-hands 2017/2018 written for Duo Amacord
Sleeping Beauty popular/classical violin, piano 2012  arrangements of the music for the theatre play 'Dornröschen'
Specchio modern classical flute, piano 2004  
You too popular classical double bass, piano 2015 a version for piano solo is available ('You')