3 Miniatures pf 1995  
Choral Fantasie vl 2010 ListenWritten for Myrthe Helder
First performance 2010 Vienna, Austria
Een Dag gtr 1993  
For Marije va 1996 ListenWritten for Marije Helder
Performed throughout Holland
Sonatine I pf 1989  
Sonatine II Blu e Rosso pf 2001 Mv.3Mv.1Written for Igor Roma
Solo I vl 1991  
Solo II vl 1991  
Spell pf, tape 1993 ListenPerformed throughout Holland, Lithouania and Latvia and in Moscow
Prize winning piece
To the land of no return pf 1990  
Vriend Versie V timp, tape 1999 Written for Martijn Krijnen
Waarom (Why) fl 1997 ListenObligatory piece for the Dutch National Flute Competition
Prize winning piece
Zonder Titel (Without Title) sop-sax 2001 ListenFirst performance for national radio broadcast


(text: Nora Eileen van der Wateren)
soprano, pf 1993 ListenPerformed throughout Holland and broadcasted by national radio
Prize winning piece
Confusion fl, pf 2010 Written for Karolina Ogrodowska
First performance 2010 Poland
Endless vl, va 1995  
La Rose et le Papillon fl, pf 2003 ListenPerformed throughout Holland
Adapted for theatre
Prize winning piece
O, Du arme Welt mezzo, pf 1992 Performed in The Hague, Holland and Moscow
Rumi Poems voice, pipa 2007 Commissioned by the Singapore Theatre and Arts Festival
Specchio fl, pf 2004 Listen


Im Nebel
(text: Hermann Hesse)
mezzo, cl, vc 2008 ListenCommissioned by Trio To Be Sung
Performances throughout Holland and Indonesia
2 Poems vl, va, vc 2002 Based on poems by Dagmar Nick and Klemens Brentano
(text: Christian Morgenstern)
spoken voice, voice, pf 1995  
Latin trp, gtr, pf 2004  
Souls in Isolation vl, va, pf 1998 Performed throughout Holland


Greek Impression 3 baritones, pf 1997  
Piano quartet I pf, vl, va, vc 1995 Prize winning piece
Pitch, Melody and Rhythm 4trmb    
Quint 4perc    
Stringquartet I 2vl, va, vc 1998 ListenFirst performed 1998, Amsterdam, Holland
Wilder Rosenbusch
(text: Rainer Maria Rilke)
voice, fl, ob, cl 1992 Performed in The Hague, Holland and Moscow


Berusting  fl, ob, vl, va, vc, cb 1997  
Bewildered 2vl, va, vc, cl, vib 1995 Listen
Dark Purple fl, ob, vl, vc, cb, mar 1996 ListenFirst performance by the Nieuw Ensemble, conducted by Micha Hamel
Layers regular-irregular 3 sopranos, 2cl    
Gebet fl, cl, tape, pf, vl, vc 2005 Commissioned by the Acrobat Ensemble, Salzburg, Austria
Based on the poem ‘Mein Gebet hört Gott’ by Thomas Bernhard
Juffer Lola
(text: Paul van Ostayen)
SATB, 2 spoken voices, 3perc 1992  
Pater Noster baritone, 2vl, va, vc    
Quand tu dors vl, va, vc, cb, pf 2008 ListenCommissioned by the international chamber music festival Zenith
Spirits' Festival 2vl, va, vc, hrp, pf 2009 Commissioned by the international chamber music festival Zenith
The North Wind Doth Blow
(text: Anonymous)
SATB 1992  
Zeer Kleine Speeldoos
(text: Paul van Ostayen)
SATB, 4 voices, fl, perc 1993  

Orchestral and Opera

First Attempt str 1994  
Fliegender Holländer chamber opera for 6 voices, 2vl, va, vc 2004 Based on the opera by Wagner
Directed by Robert Nemack
Helden op Sokken
(text: Annie Makkink)
musical for 11 voices 2002 Commissioned by Theatergroep Maccus
Performed in all major theatres in Holland and Belgium
Italian Concerto version for sol vl & bn, 1 2 1 1 - 0 1 0 0 - perc, str 2013 First performed by Loortje and Helma van den Brink and RE:orchestra conducted by Roberto Beltran-Zavala at the Doelen, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Italian Concerto version for solo vl & vlc, 1 2 1 1 - 0 1 0 0 - perc, str 2013 First performed during the Spring Orchestra Festival at the Manoel Theatre in Valetta, Malta
(orchestration of the Klavierquartett by Gustav Mahler)
4 3 4 3 - 4 3 3 1 - timp, perc, hp, cel, str 2011 ListenPublished by Universal Edition Vienna
Premiere May 10 2013, RPhO and James Gaffigan
Prelude solo pf, 2 2 2 3 - 4 2 2 1 - timp, perc, hp, str 2012  
The Second Goodbye
(text: Wu Shanshan)
chamber opera for 4 voices, yangxin, pipa, erhu , sheng, perc 2007 Commissioned by the Taipei Puppet Theatre, directed by Jos van Kan
Performances in Taipei National Theatre, East Pioneer Theatre Beijing and Dramatic Arts Center Shanghai.

Music Theatre

(text: Grimm/Perrault)
3 voices, pf, vl, cl 2001 Commissioned by the Royal Conservatory The Hague
Dornröschen - oder das Märchen vom Erwachen 5 voices, pf, cl, electronics 2012 Commissioned by the Staatstheater Braunschweig
L’Eau pf 2008 Commissioned by Jolanda Jansen
(text: Roel Adam)
hrp, 2 voices, perc 2001 Commissioned by Theatergroep Maccus
Performed in all major theatres in Holland and Belgium
Reis naar de Steppe
(text: Toon Tellegen)
voice, SATB and chamber orchestra 2004 ListenCommissioned by the Max Tak Film Orchestra
(text: Herman van de Wijdeven)
3 voices, harmonium, 3cl 2007 Commissioned by the Zeeland Nazomerfestival

Documentaries and Films

Böses im Wasser
(short movie)
  2009 Director Robert Herzl
Produced in Vienna
(animated movie)
  2011 Commissioned by Delft University of Technology
Ocean Drilling
(Copernicus Journal for Young Scientists)
  2007 Commissioned by Landforms, Science & Media
Water on Mars
(Copernicus Journal for Young Scientists)
  2006 Commissioned by Landforms, Science & Media